Pat Robertson: “Face Masks Are The Last Step Before We’re Forced Into Sharia Law”

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Alexander Jones

Investigative reporter battling Obama's Deep State, uncovering globalist conspiracies. No relation to InfoWars' Alex Jones, who is really a disinformation agent for the New World Order. Buy MY supplements and prepper supplies!

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  1. Pet Roberson aint noin wat he taks abawt.
    Kornvyrus is a hoacks! Bil Gaytes wnna kontroll us by maekin us wherein maxs and he wnna vaxineight us with mikorships to kontroll us with 5gees from Chyna! Bil Gaytes wnna kontroll the GAYS and LES B ANS too! The only peepel he aint wnna kontroll is the tranz. If you tranz you sayf.

      1. You have to read it aloud to really appreciate its brilliance. Ideally in an accent taken from the film “Deliverance” 😉

  2. It’s pitiful that this old man is still influencing folks out there, telling them to send their money to him. Coronavirus19 is real. For those that survive, it’s a battle for them to recover on their own. The mask prevents the droplets others breathe from being inhaled through your nose and mouth. All Pat wants is your money. Same as Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart. If you send them money, you’re the fool. Beard of False Prophets!!! Pat is worth between $200 Million to $1 Billion. He’s rich because of you. Are you rich like him??? No? Think about it! Wake Up!!!

  3. According to the Reich Wing Rethuglicans, former President Obama was supposed to be the one to usher in Sharia law to the U.S. Is it now the assertion that Trump, the Republican nominee hailed as a tool of God, the one that will bring in Sharia law after 3.5 years of his watch?!? AAAAHHHAHAHA!

  4. He as and all the other criminals/ tv evangelists can either go to all the hospitals and cure all the Covid 19 or admit they are frauds who have been stealing people’s money.

  5. Pure and simple explanation: he’s just a senile a*se!!!? Who listens to an idiot such as that? Why report his drivel!

  6. We saw it coming, the world ain’t ready for that though but they’re forcing into this way. Such a prophecy we’re forced to adapt.

  7. I don’t see any problem with Sharia law perhaps we should support it for a better world.just imagine a world without racism and people thinking the same hence eliminating segregation in people cuz people who practice Sharia law they move so fast in terms of economy.

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