Trump Appoints George Zimmerman Director of Minority Affairs

Washington, DC - Donald Trump announced today that he is appointing George Zimmerman to a director’s position at his newly-created Department of Minority Affairs. Trump has come under fire recently for his response to the protests surrounding the death of George Floyd, including a harsh response by law enforcement.

Zimmerman is known for killing Trayvon Martin, and later being acquitted by a jury on the murder charge. He has also beefed with DMX, and is in the process of a messy divorce with his wife of 15 years.

Trump announced the appointment and released the following statement:

“George Zimmerman is a fine, misunderstood man. It is sad that he can’t find steady work due to him exercising his 2nd Amendment rights years ago. That’s why I’m naming him the Director of Minority Affairs, along with a salary that reflects his tremendous, hands-on experience with minorities.”

Zimmerman is expected to immediately address the protests by handing out bags of Skittles, along with cans of ice tea to all law enforcement officers on the front lines.

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