Trump Lays Wreath At Area Exxon Gas Station To Remember Those Lost In The War On Terror

GEORGETOWN, WASHINGTON D.C. - President Trump kicked off Memorial Day proceedings this morning, by visiting a local Exxon gas station and laying a wreath to remember those lost in The War on Terror.

Trump was good enough to carve out some time from his hectic schedule and reportedly forego his breakfast sausage croissan’wich from Burger King to visit the gas station and honor the fallen.

The ceremony took place at the Georgetown Exxon, just a few minutes drive away from the White House, with the wreath being laid at pump number two.

“We’re here today to remember those we’ve lost in The War on Terror”, he said after the wreath-laying had taken place, “We’ve lost many good folks. Many good men, and women. Some women too, for sure. But frankly we got a lot of good oil in exchange, so the deal wasn’t bad. It wasn’t a bad deal.

It’s been 19 years since President Bush took us into Afghanistan after 9/11. It’s quite unbelievable, really. That’s about the time everyone was buying Trump steaks. But look how far we’ve come. Look at that sign. $3.30 a gallon. It’s incredible. Lowest gas prices in 170 years, they tell me. It really is fantastic.

But we won’t forget our brave men and women. They made the ultimate sacrifice, in many ways. And I’m sure they’ll say that it’s an honor, I’m sure they will. And frankly I’m sure they’d say that they died to give us the lowest gas prices in 440 years. It’s incredible. Incredible people.”

President Trump then concluded the ceremony by heading into the convenience store to purchase a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper Cream Soda and a bag of Sour Patch Kids.

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