EXCLUSIVE: Drunken Nancy Pelosi Admits The DNC Rigged The Primaries Against Bernie Sanders

DNC Headquarters – In a secret recording obtained by American Buffoon, a drunken Nancy Pelosi is caught on tape admitting the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020. The audio reveals how the primaries were tipped in the favor of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and just how easy it was to do.

The following is a rough summary of the audio, and the information may shock you.

According to the recording of Nancy Pelosi, who obviously had at least one bottle of chardonnay, the plan to deny Bernie Sanders the presidency was carried out primarily by social media. The DNC didn’t rig the election, but instead used a small group of paid operatives to pose as progressive influencers to claim that it was, and convince people not to vote as a result.

“Do you know how hard it is to rig an election, especially in 50 states and outlying territories? Getting Democrats to even agree on one issue is like herding cats, so flipping ballots to Hillary or Joe from Bernie would be impossible for the DNC to do. Hell, we can’t even keep our fucking emails from being hacked, how do you think we could pull off a conspiracy that large without it getting out?

It was just much easier to get a few people to promote the narrative on Facebook and Reddit that the whole thing was rigged, and that got smug and entitled younger “woke” people to not bother to vote at all. It was so easy, even the DNC could pull it off. Wait, this isn’t being recorded, right?”

The DNC is expected to end this influence campaign shortly before Joe Biden is nominated, resulting in young voters not turning out in November, again. The Sanders campaign was not shocked by the findings, admitting that most of his supporters still didn’t realize that social media popularity and meme shares didn’t equal votes at the polls.

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