Donald Trump Will Declare The KKK An “Essential Business”, Can Remain Open

Washington, DC - Urged by congressmen Steve King of Iowa and Clay Higgins of Louisiana, Donald Trump will issue an executive order allowing KKK meetings to continue, despite state bans on gatherings of ten or more people.

Both King and Higgins have stressed to Trump that the KKK is a religious organization, and an essential business that should remain open.

“The KKK is an important religious organization. Furthermore, they are a part of our American Judeo-Christian heritage, and we cannot unfairly bar them from gathering. Taking away our freedoms during this liberal media scare is another attack on our rights” stated Higgins and King in a joint press conference.

Trump is expected to sign the order in after-dark ceremony in the Rose Garden. Higgins and King were seen hastily scavenging lumber and gas cans for the occasion.

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Alexander Jones

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  1. It’s about time we started opening these essential businesses! I always felt the KKK was targeted unfairly due to its religious nature! They wear white, the color of purity! It is so great to hear that President Trump is allowing this essential business to remain open!

    1. So u want a bunch of racist prinks killing black ppl again. Shows that just as racist as that dumb ass clan and president

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