President Trump Struggling To Locate Final Easter Egg In Rose Garden Egg Hunt


Trump’s Easter egg hunt went on hours longer than scheduled, due to being unable to find the last Easter egg. According to CNN, Trump drove endlessly around the White House lawn in a golf cart, while Melania continued to tell him he was “getting closer.”

Fox News reported that Trump knew the egg was on his head the whole time, and that it was all a stunt to expose the “fake news media.”

Conservative podcaster Ben Shapiro (who wants you to know his wife is a doctor, by the way) managed to blend in with the children, and was only identified when he continually complained that free Easter candy was socialism.

The ordeal finally ended when a White House staffer distracted Trump long enough to grab the egg, and place it in front of him. Trump then proclaimed himself the “best Easter egg hunter” in the history of Easter egg hunts, and proceeded to head off for a nap.

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