Pat Robertson: Coronavirus Is God’s Punishment For Legalizing Gay Marriage

Virginia Beach, VA - Pat Robertson took to his show last night to lend his perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic. He was quick to point fingers at the reason for the thousands of deaths around the country.

“Coronavirus is God’s punishment for allowing gay marriages. America didn’t learn from the hurricanes He sent, so now he has sent us a new plague. Repent!”

If our country fails to denounce the abomination of homosexual relationships, God will send plague after plague. He won’t stop until we turn back to the teachings of Leviticus.

Robertson then went on to solicit contributions for the CBN network, promising to send special prayers to God for the safety of anyone who contributed $1,000 or more.

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Alexander Jones

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  1. Sorry Pat but this is the whole world not just the United States. And so you are saying that That now God hates the whole world. Even a lot of Christians that follow Christ

    1. Robretsons God is a spite-full one of the OLD testament-nothing to do -w- teachings of Jesus. His is a hatefull opinionated ,greed inspired teaching of division!

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