East Coast Renames Itself “Mar-A-Lago” So Trump Will Care About Hurricane Dorian

Raleigh, NC - North Carolina governor Roy Cooper announced at a press conference that governors from Georgia to New Jersey had decided to rename their states “Mar-A-Lago” ahead of Hurricane Dorian. The move was prompted after Donald Trump had singled out Alabama as a state in the path of the devastating storm, despite the fact Alabama was on the Gulf Coast and nowhere near the predicted path of Dorian.

“We’ve decided that the only way to keep his attention is to name the whole area Mar-A-Lago so that he will continue to pay attention once Dorian passes his golf course in South Florida. We know Trump has the attention span of a weasel on meth, so it’s important to keep him focused, no matter what it takes.”

Things may change if Dorian moves towards Bedminster in New Jersey, which at the current progress of the storm, will be sometime around Thanksgiving.

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Alexander Jones

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