Under New Ownership, Whataburger Hires Barack Obama As Company Spokesman

After the sale of majority ownership to a Chicago-based investment firm, Whataburger has promised that it will remain the same restaurant Texans have loved for years - with a few small tweaks.

Whataburger will add a new burger to its menu: the “Whataprez” in honor of their new spokesman, former president Barack Obama. The “Whataprez” is based off a burger originally created in Washington, DC during the 2008 presidential election.

“Nothing says Whataburger like a presidential seal of approval, and we’re proud to have the endorsement of Barack Obama, a Chicago native who just so happens to be a big fan of hamburgers” said the spokeperson for the new ownership.

Not all Texans are happy about the changes, and some have deserted Whataburger for McDonald’s which has debuted the “Whataberder” for fans of Donald Trump.

The “Whataberder” will feature Russian dressing and is designed to be held even with the tiniest of hands.

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