Joel Osteen Adds Border Wall Around Lakewood Church To Keep Hurricane Victims Out

Houston, TX - Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen isn’t taking any chances this hurricane season. After the negative press received after Hurricane Harvey, Osteen is beefing up the defenses around Lakewood Church to ensure refugees will not make it across the border and onto the property.

Osteen is hoping to use the current media attention over a troll account impersonating his church on Facebook to provide cover for the wall, which he expects to be completed by June 1st.

We reached out to Lakewood Church and received this response:

“There is nothing in the Bible that says we cannot build a wall to protect our business ministry. The Bible also says nothing about hurricanes. If you have read it, you will see that the Temple was in Jerusalem, which was surrounded by a wall.

It is not our job to house people who have made the mistake of being poor or living in an area that could be affected by a hurricane. Our thoughts and prayers will be with them, as long as they are subscribed to our prayer request accounts. We are extending an offer to anyone in the Houston area for an additional 10% off the monthly price of $24.99, but supplies are limited.”

Hurricane season officially starts June 1st.

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1 thought on “Joel Osteen Adds Border Wall Around Lakewood Church To Keep Hurricane Victims Out”

  1. Dam….so that is how religion is today. $24.99 a month for a prayer with a 10% discount. I wonder what GOD is going to do with all that money Mr Osteen is making him How about GOD using it to buy a jet and fly around the world to get more $24.99 a month payments for Mr Osteen.

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