TRAGIC: BBQ Pitmasters Season Ends In Fatal Beef Over Carolina Vs Texas BBQ

Houston, Texas - The latest season of BBQ Pitmasters has ended in tragedy. Two pitmasters from Texas and North Carolina challenged each other to a duel over BBQ, leaving the contestant from Texas hospitalized due to smoke inhalation, and the contestant from North Carolina 2nd Amendment’ed into the great beyond.

Billy Ray, the pitmaster from North Carolina, is believed to have instigated the fight after dipping a piece of Texas BBQ in vinegar sauce. As every Texan knows, this is a disgrace to all who died at The Alamo. Bill Shiner, the pitmaster from Texas, responded as any good Texan would, and quickly dispatched Billy Ray with an open-carry AR-15.

With both pitmasters out of action, a contestant from Kansas City went home with the trophy. Ironically enough, this has brought Texas and Carolina BBQ fanatics together in their mutual disdain for KC BBQ.

We’ll keep you up to date as new information comes in from our Houston station.

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