LIBRATS: If Trump Was A “Draft Dodger” Then Explain Why He Was In The EAGLE SCOUTS For A Summer!

PATRIOTS! WELCOME! I’m Burt Roscoe, and if you find anyone more American than me then I’ll personally devour an all-American turd sandwich. This is the FREEDOM CORNER, and it’s my little corner of the Internet. And I’ll be brining you MY God-given opinions and views on anything that I damn well please! Because after all, this is AMERICA!

So I see the lamestream media has been reporting on this whole “girl scouts will now be let in the boy scouts” business. Well listen, BACK IN MY DAY it was much simpler and we didn’t have any of this cross-over nonsense! The girl scouts cooked and cleaned and the boy scouts went out and got badges all day - much simpler times indeed!

But that’s not what I want to talk about here. Because as I was reading these left-wing rags, it got me thinking about a completely valid point that these hypocritical left-wing nutjobs won’t have an answer for.

Our great leader PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP has been criticized in the past for being a “draft-dodger”. Crazy, I know. But riddle me this, cucks - how can President Trump be a draft-dodger when he himself was an EAGLE SCOUT FOR A WHOLE SUMMER?!

I myself was an Eagle Scout for three years and served my country proudly from day one to the graduation pot-luck. I know the mental toughness, dedication and GOD DAMN BRAVERY a man needs to be an Eagle Scout!

President Trump put his LIFE ON THE LINE every time he lit a campfire! Every time he helped a woman… well, a man cross the road! DAMN IT do you know how much guts it takes to hammer tent pegs into the ground to make sure that a gust of wind doesn’t carry it away in the middle of the night?!

OF COURSE YOU DON’T LIBRODENTS! You’ve never had to suffer the heartbreak of waving goodbye to your parents as the Eagle Scout Summer Camp bus pulls away, knowing that you’ll never see them EVER AGAIN for three weeks! That my friends is grade-A heroism. That is something that the left - hell, even John McCain, could only wish to be!

Listen up and listen good. DONALD J. TRUMP IS NO DRAFT-DODGER. Donald J Trump is a GOD DAMN American Eagle Scout hero, and don’t you ever forget it!

Catch me next time on Freedom Corner. God bless America!

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Burt Roscoe

Burt Roscoe here! True patriot, REAL AMERICAN, and defender of every constitution you can think of! Clearly you're also a REAL AMERICAN by reading my column - I appreciate that! Proud conservative ready to defend liberty, justice and freedom from those insufferable LIBTARDS! MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!

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3 thoughts on “LIBRATS: If Trump Was A “Draft Dodger” Then Explain Why He Was In The EAGLE SCOUTS For A Summer!”

  1. 1. you aren’t an Eagle Scout for a summer. 2. It’s not the military. H3.e did draft dodge, well-documented, with three deferments for school and one for “bone spurs.” All of these are facts. What you postrd is a desperate fantasy of a democratic traitor (that’s you) anxious to justify your support, which makes you look more ridiculous every day. Trump is sick and you, my friend, are a Weimar Republican. Sad.

  2. I was in the scouts and it didn’t relieve me of my military duty. I served and donald dumbass dodged his resposibility. That’s it and that’s all.

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