President Trump Spends Morning Trying To Remember Significance Of 9/11

Well, that's awkward

Shanksville, PA - Donald Trump spent most of the morning confused as to why Air Force One was heading to Shanksville, PA - instead of the golf course in Bedminster, NJ.

Melania explained to him that it was a very important date in American history, which only confused Trump more, causing numerous angry Tweets about the FBI and Russia.

“It isn’t my birthday, it isn’t Melania’s birthday either. I know it’s not Donnie’s, or Ivanka, or those other kids I have. What were their names again?”

After an hour in the air, Melania reminded him it was the day he had the tallest building in New York.

“Oh! Now I remember. I prefer towers that weren’t knocked down by terrorists, believe me.”

At this point, staffers switched him back to Fox News before reporters could ask any questions.

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Burt Roscoe

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