Mike Pence Is Really Hoping Mother Will Let Him Stay Out After 8PM For Halloween

Washington, DC - Vice President Mike Pence has got a Halloween costume picked out, and he is really hoping that now that he’s the vice-president, mother will let him go out unsupervised to put a very mild fright into the residents of the few blocks surrounding his residence.

After his punishment for repeatedly touching himself to the possibility of a nuclear war with Iran, Pence is confident that this might finally be his night out, so long as he’s back by 8pm for warm milk and Bible stories.

Mike’s costume has yet to be revealed, but rumors are Donald Trump may allow him to go out dressed as Barack Obama to scare elderly Republicans about FEMA death camps and sharia law.

Other sources claim he may go dressed as Hillary Clinton, although mother will likely not approve of him dressing in drag.

We’ll keep you updated, along with the latest news on Ted Cruz.

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Alexander Jones

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