LIST: President Trump Reveals His Top 5 Where’s Waldo Puzzles That He’ll Be Attempting To Solve This Summer

While most presidents prefer to put together a Summer reading list, that’s probably a little bit too demanding for our current Commander-in-Chief. He has, however, released his official Where’s Waldo puzzle list that he plans to complete before Fall. While this may well stretch his brain power to the complete and utter limits, we have full faith that he’ll do it.

Without further ado…

1. The Roman Battle

“This one looks good. Really wonderful. That big beautiful wall caught my eye straight away. I knew that I’d be putting this one on the list. Look at them all, fighting over something. I’m not sure what. Why are they all fighting? Folks, this is what America would look like if that warhawk Hillary had won. Not good. Not good at all. Look, I’d sit down with all of them and we’d work something out. We’d make a deal. And it’d be the best deal for America, believe me.”


2. Waldo in Space

“This looks a tough one. That’s a lot to take in. But I like space, I really do. Check out the size of those globes. Boy, that takes me back. And see all those little space ships at the top? That’s what the Space Force is going to look like. Ships of all different sizes, shapes and colors. And everyone gets to fly one. The black folks too - they’ll love it. They love me so why wouldn’t they? Black unemployment is down folks. Way down.”


3. Movie Premiere

“I normally wouldn’t add this to the list. Too many crazy liberal Hollywood elites. They’re all against me, but we keep winning! They hate it! But anyway, I like to think that this particular puzzle shows what it’ll be like at the premiere of the Trump movie. Look at all those patriots making America great again. All those cameras on me. Really beautiful.”


4. Pirate Ship

“SECURE. OUR. BORDER. NOW. Look at this! This is on my list to highlight the terrible issue we have! My sources tell me that this is actually based off of a recent photo of rapist Mexicans coming across gulf waters into Texas! People down there tell me they’re terrified! These folk come across in rowing boats and steal jobs at all of the Texas Roadhouse restaurants! The wall just became waterproof, believe me!”


5. Garden Party

“So beautiful. Very nice. This one is the final one in my list because it looks like such a nice garden party. Everyone’s having fun. A great time. It reminded me of that beautiful party that my campaign hosted for a group of very nice Russian folk shortly before I was elected as your president. Great time, wonderful people. Believe me, just the best.”

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