OFFICIAL: 500 Days Without A President Officially Declared As New U.S. Record

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Great news! Officials at the Guinness Book of World Records announced this morning that 500 days without a president is an official world record.

Donald Trump, who albeit spends some time now and then in the Oval Office acting like he’s some sort of leader, posted his ‘500 Days of American Greatness’ to various social media accounts over the past couple of days in a vague attempt to make it look like he’s made the country a better place.

Guinness official Todd Smith explained that this record was a significant one.

“This is a very prominent record as you would have thought that a country the size of the U.S. would have completely capitulated without a president for so long”, he said, “500 days is a long time. It’s a real feat and one that deserves huge recognition.”

“We’re looking forward to seeing how long the U.S. can go without a president and hoping that they extend the record for as long as possible - but not too long.”

“We have mailed a copy of the certificate to the White House where we hope someone will frame it and put it on display.”

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