CONGRATULATIONS: Donald Trump Announces That He Has Just Won The ‘Nobil Piss Prize’

What a great honor for God-Emperor Donald Trump!

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congratulations President Trump! Taking everyone by surprise once again, Trump called a spur-of-the-moment media gathering this morning to confirm that he has indeed been awarded the “Nobil Piss Prize” for creating peace in Korea.

The president proudly held up a piece of paper that he had allegedly received from the organization, however it has yet to be confirmed that it was actually sent by them.

“This was delivered to me this morning by FedEx”, he proclaimed, “I’m very honored to receive it. Very honored, believe me. Everything in the world is great and they obviously recognize that it’s all down to me. It was very easy. Very easy.”

“Look, there’s even a little trophy on it and everything. Real nice trophy, looks real good. I’m very happy to receive this.”

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