Colonel Sanders Partners With Detergent Pod Company To Serve “Kentucky Tide Chicken”

The Hottest Eating Trend Comes To KFC

Foodies from across the internet are all over the latest trend: Tide Pods!  Coming this summer to KFC restaurants across the United States: Kentucky Tide Chicken!

KFC has seen their loyal customer base decrease over the years.  This is probably due to shortened lifespans caused by regular consumption of the Colonel’s recipe.  The addition of Tide Pods to the classic eleven herbs and spices is expected to attract the millennial demographic.  “The youth of America love Tide Pods.  And we want to show this generation that the Colonel is hip and with it.  We are out to prove that Harland Sander’s can get jiggy with it.”  (CEO Kennedy Francis Cook)

This change in recipe is not the first time KFC has shown interest in cleaning products.  In the early 2000’s, the company admits to using dishwasher detergent as the foundation for their famous mashed potatoes.  In a cost cutting measure, many restaurants filled salt shakers with Gain.  Tide Pods are simply the next step in the evolution of clean consumables.

KFC’s new partnership with Tide Pods represents the companies attempts to represent America’s Youth, and plan on launching a new slogan for the company this summer:  Kentucky Tide Chicken, We Do Chicken Aight!

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