Eric And Donald Jr. Asked To Come Down From Mount Rushmore After Sharpie-ing Donald’s Face Onto It

Those Trump boys just can't stay out of trouble.

KEYSTONE, SD - Today is of course President’s Day. A day to celebrate leaders of this country both past and, well, past. And the Trump boys tried to celebrate today in style by giving Papa a gift to remember.

Abseiling down the 60-foot national monument at the crack of dawn armed with a box of black Sharpies, Eric and Donald Jr. had to be coaxed back up from Mount Rushmore by officials this afternoon after drawing their fathers face right next to that of Abraham Lincoln.

Despite it showing the artistic qualities of a high schooler, the outlined sketch of President Trump stood loud and proud next to great American leaders of the past most of the morning.

“He’s going to love this so much Eric”, proclaimed Don Jr. as he drew in the combover, “How’s that porky little chin coming along? Oh man that looks so good.”

Local police did however turn up at around 2pm to kindle ask the brothers to climb back up and leave the premises, however it was already too late as the portrait had been completed an hour earlier.

“This one’s for you, dad!”, Don Jr. reportedly shouted as he was led away, “Sorry we didn’t get to color it in, but Eric forgot the orange Sharpie!”

Cleanup crews moved in swiftly to pressure wash away the drawing, and by 4pm this afternoon the number of faces on Mount Rushmore returned to four.


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