Donald Trump To Introduce David Duke At Mississippi Civil Rights Museum Opening

"Nobody, other than me, has done more for persecuted White Americans."

Jackson, MS - Despite outrage from liberal snowflakes like Congressman John Lewis, God Emperor Donald Trump will attend the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum this weekend.

I have the inside scoop on his special guest, which I was able to get from a source familiar with President Trump’s itinerary. Air Force One will make a quick stop in New Orleans to pick up a little known white civil rights figure who hasn’t had the recognition he deserves, until now.

He’s controversial, he’s run for office as both a Democrat and as a Republican, and he has fought for the civil rights of America’s persecuted white people.

Yes, that’s right. Donald Trump will introduce David Duke this weekend as a champion of the downtrodden whites of America. Part of making America great again is remembering the people who built it, and are now suffering from the globalists and fake news media.

Stay tuned for liberal tears!

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Alexander Jones

Investigative reporter battling Obama's Deep State, uncovering globalist conspiracies. No relation to InfoWars' Alex Jones, who is really a disinformation agent for the New World Order. Buy MY supplements and prepper supplies!

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