Bored With Cadillac One, Trump Picks Out Cool New Spiderman Car As Official Presidential Vehicle

Looks like he's getting an early Christmas present!

WASHINGTON, DC - Reportedly “bored” with the presidential car ‘Cadillac One’, President Trump was spotted in the toy aisle of a a local Walmart Supercenter today as he went on the hunt for a potential replacement.

Inside sources at the White House suggest that Melania has promised to get Donald a new car as an early Christmas gift if he could promise not to start a nuclear war before June of next year. Donald allegedly agreed to this and was whisked away to find his next set of wheels.

And a mere thirty minutes later, onlookers saw the president eagerly casting his eyes towards a nice looking Spiderman car, while pointing and declaring “That one! That’s the one I want!”.

“It’s so coooooooooool!”, he said in awe, “It’s got blue rims and everything! Can you imagine driving around in this thing? All those other world leaders will be super jealous of me. I just know it. And if they keep bugging me for a ride then I’ll spray Spiderman web in their faces!”

A secret service agent was then seen carrying one of the boxes towards the checkouts, whilst President Trump was jumping up and down with his hands clenched with excitement.

The official roll-out date of the car is not yet known, however it is believed that it will be roadworthy before 2017.

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John Barron

I am definitely not Donald Trump. No sir, not me. You must be thinking of somebody else.

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