Breaking! Internet Nerds Have Zero Complaints About Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Youtube comments on the newly released trailer are said to be civil

The release of the trailer for Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War is being met with no snark.  For the second time this year, internet fanboys have united in total agreement.  The first being directed at how terrible Justice League is.  If peace among comic book fans is achievable, perhaps society could achieve peace between the decades long  battle between Trek vs Wars.

It is typical of web forum fascists to automatically attack anything released with no regard to the actual quality.  Avengers Infinity War wasn’t expected to be an exception.  Even Jeffery Anderson, owner of the Androids Dungeon and the self proclaimed representative of every comic book guy in America has proclaimed his love of the trailer.  “Best Trailer Ever” proclaimed Anderson.  When asked his opinion on the corduroy chin of super villain, he simply responded with “Excuse me?!?”.

A local blue haired boy exclaimed his love for the trailer when he tearfully exclaimed “This is what it must feel like when doves cry!”.

Has Avengers Infinity War established a newfound peace among warring nerd factions.  Perhaps one day, some of them may step away from the web forums and meet a girl.  This could possibly reduce the overall virgin population which fills their ranks.


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