#TodaysTrumpTweet - Nov 21, 2017 | Trump Pardons Thanksgiving Chickens

Direct from the hot mess account that is @realDonaldTrump

#TodaysTrumpTweet - November 21, 2017

TWITTERVERSE - With Thanksgiving almost upon us, it is presidential tradition to pardon the Thanksgiving birds a couple of days before the national holiday. And today was no different, as President Trump undertook the annual affair with Melania at his side.

And shortly after the event, he took to Twitter to explain what exactly did go down between himself and the birds during the pardoning process:

“Had a great day pardoning the #Thanksgiving chickens today! Had great conversations with them about birds immigrating South for the winter!As long as they do it legally-fine!” read the tweet.

It’s wonderful to see the President having discussions with such a wide range of both people and wildlife since taking office. Clearly he values every living thing’s opinion on matters of national importance, and this Tweet just validates that.

As usual, we wait with anticipation as to what tomorrow’s Twitter topic will be from the commander-in-chief.

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