Trump Scraps Trip To DMZ After Officials Forget To Pack His Favorite Rain Booties

He wanted the rabbit booties. He got the frog ones.

SOUTH KOREA - Oh dear, another day another problem. President Trump today cancelled a trip to the DMZ
(Korean demilitarized zone) due to “inclement weather”, and also the fact that White House officials forgot to pack his favorite pair of rain booties.

The president had planned to travel there today, but after light-to-moderate rain showers took hold as well as realizing that whoever was in charge of packing his rain booties had brought the frog ones instead of the rabbit ones, he scrapped the planned visit.

“I wanted the rabbit, not the frog!” President Trump was reported to have snapped at officials, “I’m not going if I can’t wear my rabbit booties! I want the rabbit ones! Call it off. Call the visit off, I’m not going and that’s that.”

Officials allegedly tried to bribe Trump to continue with the visit by sitting in the back of the presidential car and waving some chocolate chip cookies in a circular motion, while persuasively saying “mmmmm, look what I have Mr. President. Chocolate chip cookies. Are you suuuuuurrreeeee you don’t want to go to the DMZ?”.

Unfortunately this tactic failed as he stomped his feet, crossed his arms and returned to his hotel room.

Tired officials once again released a statement.

“Look, the whole “yes there was an incident” thing between me and you guys is getting a little tiresome”, explained a spokesperson, “So I’m just going to keep this short, sweet and simple. Yes, we forgot his rabbit rain booties. Yes, he refused to wear the frog ones. No, we’re not going to the DMZ anymore. No, the cookie trick didn’t work.”

“I guess I’ll see you all again tomorrow when he inevitably does something else that throws our schedule off course.”

Trumps tour of Asia continues tomorrow as he head to China.

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