SAD: President Trump Dressed Up As An Orange M&M For Halloween And Nobody Could Tell The Difference

A truly wasted effort.

WASHINGTON, DC - Poor President Trump. The Commander-in-Chief was left reeling last night as he turned up to the White House Halloween party dressed as an orange M&M, yet nobody could tell the difference.

Trump was reported to have spent at least 30 minutes applying the orange face paint and even went as far as to add a little white ‘M’ on his cheek. However the vast majority of party-goers assumed that he had simply got a white mark on his face that he was unaware of.

After the eleventh time of being asked “Mr. President, you didn’t dress up?”, Trump was seen stomping off into the private rooms with a face like thunder, clearly embarrassed.

“We can confirm that the president did leave the party early”, said a White House spokesperson. “I think it’s fair to say that yes he was a little upset that nobody realized that the orange face was indeed makeup, and not his natural color.”

“He has dismissed this Halloween as a write-off and is already considering next year’s costume, which I believe is a current toss-up between a pumpkin, the Sun, and an orange. I’m sure they will turn out a little more successful.”

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