COOL: SpaceX Set To Continue Testing By Launching School Bus Full Of Kids Into Orbit Around Mercury

We truly are witnessing a new frontier in space travel and exploration.

HAWTHORNE, CA – Less than a week after their successful launch of Falcon Heavy which saw a Tesla Roadster blasted into space and en route to an orbit around Mars, SpaceX today confirmed that they’re taking their testing up a notch.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk explained that they’d be launching a school bus full of children on another Falcon Heavy launch, which this time will see the vehicle sent into an orbit around the scolding hot planet of Mercury.

The school bus will be chosen at random without prior knowledge being given to the parents, with the lucky few being escorted directly to Cape Canaveral and loaded into the reusable rocket before being blasted off into space.

“After the success of the Tesla launch we’re moving up to the next testing stage by putting something a little larger out there”, confirmed Musk, “We were going to go with a jacked-up F150 but settled on the idea of a fully loaded school bus so that we could give a lucky bunch of kiddos the opportunity of a lifetime.”

“It’ll be like a real life Magic Schoolbus. Just a little hotter and a little harder to breathe. But I’m sure they’ll see some cool sights, maybe.”

“We’re hoping to get the next launch off the ground in the next 6 months. We’re excited.”

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