7 days ago

    Donald Trump Announces Executive Order To Deport Statue Of Liberty

    New York, New York – Local news is reporting Donald Trump has announced an executive…
    1 week ago

    Local Cat Not Sure What Object To Knock Off The Table First

    Denver, CO – Tabby cat Fussy Pants got tired of chasing flies and moved to…
    2 weeks ago

    Millions Of Americans Stock Up On Booze In Preparation Of 2018 Election Outcome

    Kansas City, Missouri – Local resident Pam Whitmore grabbed an extra case of wine at…
    2 weeks ago

    Jacksonville Jaguars Decide To Forfeit Rest Of Season Rather Than Sign Colin Kaepernick

    Jacksonville, FL – The Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL have announced that after the injury…
    2 weeks ago

    Canada Orders Troops To Block American Migrant Caravan Wanting Legal Weed And Free Healthcare

    Ottawa, CA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered Canadian troops to the border with…
    2 weeks ago

    Trump Orders Nuclear Strike On International Space Station To End ISIS Terror Network

    Mar A Lago, FL – Despite the protests of his closest military advisers, and VP…